book-cover-take-a-walk-in-my-big-indian-heelsMr Singh’s Diary

When Laakhi fell in love with Amrit (the love of his life), the person he loved who is the same sex as himself, Laakhi Singh never knew after marrying the man of his dreams, what he would have to endure, from a man he became a woman, a bride with a secret, for the sake of the society and Sikh culture. Miserable before and after marriage. His heart-wrenching love story shows the determination and lengths Laakhi Singh went to.

To hide his pain and make a marriage successful that was built on a lie. Disowned by his parents, abused and humiliated by his mother-in-law.  Laakhi’s story shows how much a Indian wife, Indian daughter-in-law’s have to deal with, how the world could be so cruel that honour mattered more than a person’s life. How vows become nothing at all, how love didn’t conquer all and how it all ended in travesty.


Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings on this blog, this blog is to make people aware Sikh culture.

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14 thoughts on “Take A Walk In My Big Indian Heels

  1. Words cannot express how jel I am about this guy I mean to look that good as a man and then to kill it as a woman. Must posess some good family genes. Let me at the family, Marry Me, my babies will be stunning ❤

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  2. I found this subject a bit tender, the Sikh community does not recognise gay people. I’m not gay my self, but everyone deserves to be loved. I like the fact that this guy is a real lion a Sheer, he’s standing up for what he believes in.

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  3. This story looks great, cannot wait to get my hands on this. The world is full of opinonated people. I have brought my kids up on that belief for this very reason. This boy looks to have gone through a lot. Does anyone know when we can meet him. I hope the Sangat support him. #takeawalkinmybigindianheels

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  4. I heard about this story before, and I have to say I was rooting for this guy.I am a little sadden to hear of it not working out. I have a gay person in my family and as a Sikh we chose to ignore it due to our own fault. Life is very precious to judge someone on the basis of their sexuality is not being a true Sikh. Not everyone looks the same Sikh’s wear bagh’s, turbans to stand out, and show equality. Yet when we look at a Gay or we hear gossip we will talk and talk without realising the outcome. Good luck to this guy and his family they are very brave and I take my hat of to them. #takeawalkinmybigindianheels

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  5. Such a taboo subject, yet such courage, and why not if I had a face like that I would stand up and scream look at me. He’s hot as a man as a woman. I am a gay Sikh man. Let me know when I can meet this guy or someone get him to add me ill treat him amazingly.

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  6. Wow he’s really beautiful. It takes at lot to touch a subject like this and be this forward. I hope everyone supports him. I have a lot of respect for things like this. People everyday go through things and the brief about the book is amazing. It will be a good read. Sikh people everywhere need to akmowlge this subject if not people like this will turn to others and matters could worsen. I have faith this persons life will get better with the help of our support. God bless this person and his family x


  7. I think this is amazing. This guy is sick a good role model for all gay people. Everyone deserves to be happy be free how they are. The stroy looks very compelling. I can wait to read it. To be married as gay person Is a dream. I hope it’s a happy ending xx 😘


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