Take A Walk In My Big Indian Heels

This is Laakhi’s first step towards the beginning of his new life or should we say the end.. The first chapter starts with the end of the diary, which is lot more interesting and gives you a more intuitive reading.

Laakhi’s Diary is out now and it’s showing tremendous results.  Amazon would like to thank everyone for your support.  Let us tell you, just like Laakhi, your soul will be crying when you read Mr Singh’s Diary.


You will definitely need plenty of time while your reading Mr Singh’s diary, the best time would be in the evening when it’s nice and quiet while you have a slow romantic music playing in the background.

The reason why Laakhi has written this diary, to make people aware of what actually happened and not to keep it forever silent and in suffering just like he had been.  He wants to help and make everyone understand, it’s not about society or culture, it’s about two souls and their freedom.

The 1st chapter of Laakhi’s  Diary shows the importance of honor, family, his culture, respects for his elders and love he has for his virtues and his parents.

For Laakhi, being around his family their was happy and sad moments. Laakhi used to love cooking and cleaning the house while his mum is working hard to feed the family members.

Laakhi was growing up with being GAY and it seems like it was a tremendous amount weight on his life.  Laakhi’s Mum and Dad knew he was a Gay but to stay in the Sikh society they decided to ignore the truth. Laakhi was growing up with this in silence.  

When relatives  would come round to my house to see my parents or me, they would call me by my nickname they had for me which was “Mrs Mop” this was as I always had a mop or brush in my hand. I expect I used cleaning as an escape mechanism from facing my problems that I was GAY.

As the time passed Laakhi decided to join KATHAK classes which gave him lots of strength to begin his life.  Laakhi would go to Temple (Mandir) to learn KATHAK Classes and he was blessed by the Indian Godess (Durga Mataji). Laakhi often visited Sikh Temple (Gurdwara) and he felt peace listening to Hymns.  Every time Laakhi was feeling down he would pray, pray and find solace in his prayers.    

This blog is just to give you the idea what this chapter is about. Leave your thoughts about this chapter and do not forget to share this to your Friends and Family as we want to bring message to everyone, we all have a right to fall in love and live happily.  

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