Mr Singh’s Diary

This is very sensitive chapter and as you read through, this will bring lots of good and bad memories back of your childhood.

When Laakhi was very young he went through a tremendous tragedy which no child should suffer. Laakhi used to have dreams about a woman visiting his home and looking after him while his parents were away working. In the dreams, this woman made him do things which no child should go through.  Laakhi could not understand what those dreams were about and decided to see the doctor and Psychiatrist

Laakhi went to see the Psychiatrist where he discovered he was sexually abused as a CHILD.  Laakhi was totally sickened and in complete shock how his parents could let this happen to him.

“I needed answers; I needed answers from my parents why they let this happen to me, I needed to know did they even know this had happened to me. So many questions were going through my mind that day. I didn’t know what to do; I knew I needed answers”

Laakhi got the courage together and spoke to his mum about what doctors had said.  His mum told him to forget everything that had happened to him.  Laakhi was deeply shocked by his mum’s answers and pledge not to have kids. This is always something that would happen to upset Laakhi throughout his life.

Again, his mum was thinking about the society and brushing it under the carpet.  We all somewhere have a little child within in us, within the family or within our friends. Many children still goe through some form of child abuse and its a sickening fact how people can get away with this. A child is a very special gift, when a child is born, as a parents, brother, sister or family we need to give them real love and life time of protection.  No child deserves to be abused, people need to realise what impact it leaves on the child once they have been abused.

Laakhi grew up where the functions and parties were more priorities than Laakhi’s happiness.

” On many occasions I would get some bitchy comments off my cousins saying “shouldn’t you be sitting in the men’s room” or “why are you not in the men’s room” in an obscene tone”

Laakhi struggled trying to get his life back on track, All those questions were unanswered from his parents.

I felt calmer and could function better as time went along but somethings it seemed like a never-ending cycle.

If you have gone through any kind of CHILD ABUSE and can relate to Laakhi’s ordeal, let us know what impact, it had on you. Help others who have struggled like Laakhi has.

If you do not wish to discuss it on the blog, you can email us or inbox any of the social media pages, where Laakhi will respond.

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