This chapter introduces you to the notorious Mr Amrit Singh. The man who touched Laakhi’s undying soul and ignited love into his life.

Laakhi and Amrit met at each other’s cousin’s weddings. The pair of them bumped into each other, while performing a wedding ritual, their eyes locked on to each other and before Laakhi knew it he began to choke with astonishment for his love for this Tall, Dark and Handsome man.

“I started feeling uneasy like I couldn’t breathe. I started choking; I couldn’t catch my breath; it was ironic that the best man had taken my breath away”.

Again the pair met again at the actual wedding ceremony in the Gurdwara (Sikh temple) they became entwined listening, singing along to each wedding Laav/laavan (Sikh Vows) and watching the wedding take place, unknown to both of them, that they would be destined many years later to marry.

Throughout this chapter Amrit is shown in a way of romance and to sweep Laakhi of his feet, while maintaining a strong friendship with Laakhi’s big brother (Vijay) and also the rest of Laakhi’s family. (I think he went to great length in heart to win Laakhi’s family over for a fruitful relationship with Laakhi).

As time went on in this chapter Laakhi and Amrit shared an intermit moment where a secret forbidden relationship of love blossomed. The chapter shows Amrit revealing himself as GAY person to his family members and decided with honour to introduce Laakhi to his own mother.

Please comment below, with what you thought of this chapter.

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