Mr Singh’s Diary

This is where the real story of Laakhi’s life beings.  The very first time when Laakhi meets Amrit’s First love (His mum).

When it comes to meeting your Mother in law, sometimes it is terrifying experience. we all know how challenging it can be, we want to give the last drop to make a good impression and get her stamp of approval to be in our man’s life.  In the sikh society the mother in law plays very supreme role, without the mother in law’s approval you can not  even step in the house.


It was nice and sunny weekend when Laakhi went to meet Amrit’s mum.  Laakhi was very nervous as it was his first meeting.  Amrit assured Laakhi, his mum would love Laakhi once she meets him. When Laakhi met his mother-in-law he knew she was the woman who loved the family’s Izzat (Honour), standards and for her it would be all about herself.  Just like every mother-in-law, she had high expectations from Laakhi’s.  

“Amrit’s mum was a very tall thin woman, with very high cheekbones she had a bland face expression. She was dressed in a traditional stylish Indian Salwar Kameez. Her hair was tied in a bun at the back of her head. She spoke with a scorched husky voice; I could smell her intense perfume”.

After breaking the ice, Laakhi and his mother in law spoke deeply about their Marriage, Sikh Society and How Laakhi’s family would respond to Laakhi and Amrit’s marriage. Laakhi felt privileged meeting Amrit’s mum.  She was very respectable women who loved her son.  Amrit’s mum was happy and very supportive toward Laakhi and Amrit’s marriage, she was very loving lady who told Laakhi, she would do anything to keep her son happy.  

After meeting Amrit’s mum, Laakhi could see himself as part of Amrit’s family.  Laakhi’s mother-in-law was very sweet lady, she really cared about Laakhi and she was the best mother-in-law he could ever ask for.  Laakhi felt fortunate when Amrit told him, she approved him and she’s joyfully decided to give Amrit’s hand over to Laakhi.

Laakhi often questioned himself “ How Amrit’s mum can be happy with him being gay and accepting me as his partner. I knew my mum would never allow it?”

We all know mother-in-law can be very very demanding at times and she love to show you the  authority because you are marrying her son.  

Everyone goes through different experiences with their mother-in-law.  How was your first meeting with your mother-in-law/ in law?  Was she over the moon with you?  Did you argue with her first time?  Was she unreal with you?  How did you overcome the situation?

Do share us your experience and tell your relationship with your in-laws? 

If you do not wish to discuss it on the blog, you can email us or inbox any of the social media pages, where Laakhi will respond.

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