On our last blog we discussed how Laakhi met his mother-in-law 1st time, how she approved Laakhi and Amrit’s wedding.  Laakhi took very special place in his mother-in-law’s heart and from there she decided to give Amrit’s hand to laakhi.

After the 1st meeting with Laakhi, his mother-in-law very quickly decided to meet Laaki again.  Being over the moon, Laakhi could not wait to have 2nd meeting with her but lots of questions were running in Laakhi’s head such as “Why does she wants to meet me again?”  Amrit finally bought his mum to meet Laakhi where she was very open to Laakhi about how she feels for Laakhi and Amrit, she came with wedding proposal gifts (shagun) and asked Laakhi to marry Amrit according to Sikh culture.

“Laakhi if you accept this proposal it does mean you would be a daughter in law in my house and not Amrit’s boyfriend or partner. I was a little puzzled to what she said at first, but when I looked into the baskets, I noticed they had ladies’ Indian garments and clothes in them”

Wedding Proposal

After getting wedding proposal from Amrit’s mum, Laakhi asked her to give her some more time to think about everything.  Laakhi’s mother-in-law was very kind women and very thoughtful of her to ask Laakhi to speak to his parents about this proposal.  Words spoken from Amrit’s mum seemed very meaningful and true, they melt Laakhi’s heart and after feeling loved and respected from his mother-in-law, Laakhi was overwhelmed.

“I would lose Amrit and then probably never move on in life. As it was I was getting older, and everyone in my family was moving ahead with life, Marriage, kids ETC and I wanted to go ahead with my life, I wanted all those things other members of my family had”.

Laakhi was worried about his parents and Sikh society.  Laakhi knew accepting his mother-in-law’s proposal would give lots of shame and pain to his own family. Marrying Amrit Laakhi would have to be the daughter in law of the house. Finally Laakhi accepted the proposal and decided to get engaged.

We had some fantastic response from everyone in our last blog, Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences.  Share us your proposal stories and how did you cope with your family?

If you do not wish to discuss it on the blog, you can email us or inbox any of the social media pages, where Laakhi will respond.

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