On the previous blog we asked our readers to let us know if they will wear same outfits as their mother/daughter?

We are grateful to our blog reader Ferdousi Chowdhury who has send us most cute pictures with her daughters Zahira and Arrisa.

Ferdousi, Right- Zahira & Left -Arrisa


Siya Fashions.co.uk.jpg


Ferdousi Chowdhury " Twin trend makes My two Daughters very exciting! 
Everytime we go out they would demanded to wear same dresses.


Zahira and Arissa, two sisters, loves to dress up just like Anna and Elsa from frozen. They often ask their mother  “ARE WE TWINS?”


IMG-20170405-WA0018 copy.jpg
Older Daughter Zahira and Younger Daughter Arissa.



Neelam with her daughter Devina.

One of our loyal customer, Neelam Prabat who choose her 10 years old daughter (Devina) to wear same Lehenga Choli as Neelam on her brother’s wedding. Neelam and  Devina wanted wear something unique and Traditional, they went to many boutiques around the town but nothing caught their eyes.

Neelam says “One day we went to finalize Lehenga Choli as the wedding was coming near, we didn’t have much time left so I picked my dress in a rush. Devina with excitement said, “Mummy I love this Lehenga Choli (Indian Crop Top & Skirt), I want to wear the same dress as you”.  Twin trend idea coming out from Devina was very impressive, We finally decided to wear the same Lehenga Choli”



Neelam "  As we entered into the venue, we looked totally different
from the crowd.  Me and My daughter Devina wearing same outfits was
definitely overwhelming"


Hope you have enjoyed  reading this blog.

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