Hard working, Attractive & self-controlled Aroosa Nazir was dress as a bride for Bombay Store Exhibition at Renaissance Hotel, Manchester.  The wedding Lehenga was designed by heritage designer Aisha Imran along, The ornaments were designed by Rawaj by Pinx

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Aroosa Nazir female model age 20-year-old from Manchester, we have interviewed Aroosa Nazir about her modelling life, it’s definitely worth reading.


What are your goals as a model? 

My goals as a model are to make everyone believe in their self, I want everyone to be able to see the beauty within their self, as I believe that everyone is unique. I strongly believe that a model is someone who represents who they are and are proud of it, I want everyone to feel beautiful and have the courage to come out and be as an example of their self

Tell us about this industry?

I feel as in the modelling industry it is hard work and people don’t see that, as they see it as you sit there and be pampered however it’s not as glamorous as it looks, Being a model is hard working, it takes a lot of commitment, in this industry you do get a lot of rejections.

Why are you interested in this career?

I feel as this is good working in this career, you come out even stronger and learn to accept and love yourself for who you are and of course, people love you.

Who has supported you / help you through this modelling experience?

In my modelling experience I started off by watching other models on Tv/ Social sites and mainly on Instagram/ and I am Interested in this as I used to always get asked to model for makeup artist and photographers, however, I didn’t know my way around it, from this I decided to message a model and ask her about how she got to where she was in her life. She was very supportive and was able to tell me what route to take and what makes a successful model and what does not.

Aroosa Nazir is a professional model, she covers magazines, bridal events, exhibitions and many more exclusive events.

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