Double Digits 10th Birthday To Devina

DoubleDigits 10th Birthday to Davina
Double Digits Happy 10th Birthday To Devina


On Friday the 21/04/2017, Devina’s celebrated her surprise her with her close friends and family.

Devina wants to go on holiday with her Mum, Dad and Little Brother Dhruv for her 10th birthday during the summer, which is already in plan.  Since it was Davina’s 10th Birthday, Devina’s mum Neelam decided to do something extra special for so she decided to give Devina surprise.  

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Neelam (Davina’s Mum) says   “How swiftly time flies! My little lady has officially joined the Double digit club! And I couldn’t be any more proud & amazed how she’s grown into an assertive yet kind, gentle and lovely little lady and I approve it wholeheartedly, Happy 10th Birthday to my gorgeous girl Devina! 

The surprise birthday was held at Hollywood Bowl Bolton, it’s such a great place to have fun with kids.  You can play bowling, various gaming machines and food is absolutely delicious!


At the Bolton bowling, Devina’s 9 of her close friends there, Davina was totally shocked to see all the Family and Friends.   They all played bowling for an hour, After the blowing the late lunch were served and cake cutting was excitement for all the kids.

Davina have been very bright girl, she loves reading books, helping her younger brother Dhruv with his homework and she has huge fan of HARRY POTTER!

Devina At London Eve, Day After Her Birthday!17992060_10154510273412314_3482726754531958427_n1-e1493955961435.jpg

Davina would like to say thanks to all her Family and Friends for her surprise 10th Birthday.  She was overwhelmed with love, She couldn’t be more happier and She loved opening her presents with her Little brother Dhruv.

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