Mr Laakhi Roy Singh With Karma Nirvana

After Laakhi Roy Singh’s the BBC Asian network live interview in Manchester, Mr Laakhi Roy Singh has been delighted working with Karma Nirvana to help the victims of honour-based abuse and forced marriages.

In this blog, you will watch short videos of Mr Laakhi Roy Singh speaking about his experience on Forced marriages and Honour based abuse.



Om Digital have asked Mr Laakhi Roy Singh the reason to collaborate with Karma Nirvana.

Mr Laakhi Roy Singh said, Karma Nirvana is an excellent organisation who will help and give you full support with these issues.  They will give training and educate you to make you sturdy.  Mr Laakhi Roy Singh wants to make people aware there is a resolution to every situation. It’s ok to get hurt, Do not suffer in silence.

Mr Laakhi Roy Singh ” I have been a victim myself of forced marriage, abuse, domestic violence and mental torches which say everything in my Diary. I want to give the message through the video and encourage everyone to live life with honour.

If you are suffering from abuse or victim of forced marriage, contact Karma Nirvana on the link below

Thank you for reading the blog, share your thoughts and experiences with us.  We would love to hear your how did you cope forced marriage

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