We have recently taken our biggest project “MR SINGH’S DIARY” the name of the book is TAKE A WALK IN MY BIG INDIAN HEELS based on true story.  The story is about Sikh Gay Couple, Laakhi and Amrit who got married on the Valentines’ day but their love did not last long, their promises turned into pain simply because of Sikh Society and Indian Culture.

Mr Singh’s Requirements

Working as a model, actor and designer, Mr Singh was very busy writing his diary to make the world aware of real experiences he went through before and after marriage. Mr Singh approached OmDigital to make his story viral on social media platforms where our client Laakhi Roy Singh can help the society and culture to deal with their everyday problems.

OMDigital Work Hard

OmDigital has created social media pages for the readers to engage with daily updates, weekly posts, content marketing and blogs containing each chapter of Mr Singh’s Diary. OmDigital will continue working on Mr Singh Diary, updating all the latest interviews, magazine pictures and photo shoots.  Our aim is to get readers on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and gives everyone chance to interact with Author Mr Laakhi Singh.

Om Digital works closely with our clients so that we understand what our clients’ expectations are.  We will target audience, we understand your tone of voice and how important business.