What Is Video Marketing?

In these day of business video marketing is the best way to advertise your business. Weather its your personal videos, company’s products,  or services they offer.  With the video marketing you can attract a lot of new visitors both to your site and your social media pages with the extra benefit of improving your online brands.



Why Video Marketing?

We all know planning and writing a content can take a bit time and effort which can be less enjoyable in some cases.   With Video marketing things can be less complicated and more communicated.  Video marketing can take less time and would bring much more fun.

According to studies Video marketing is bring positive mind on the business and  viewer.
Video marketing can help your business in may way.

We have got amazing promo video to show you based on true story, Mr Singh’s Diary – TAKE A WALK IN MY BIG INDIAN HEELS.

Hope you enjoyed the promo video.

The book “TAKE A WALK IN MY BIG INDIAN HEELS” by our Client / Author (Laakhi Roy Singh) who fell in love with Amrit (the love of his life), the person he loved who is the same sex as himself, Laakhi Singh never knew after marrying the man of his dreams, what he would have to endure, from a man he became a woman, a bride with a secret, for the sake of the society and Sikh culture. Miserable before and after marriage. His heart-wrenching love story shows the determination and lengths Laakhi Singh went to.

To hide his pain and make a marriage successful that was built on a lie. Disowned by his parents, abused and humiliated by his mother-in-law.  Laakhi’s story shows how much a Indian wife, Indian daughter-in-law’s have to deal with, how the world could be so cruel that honour mattered more than a person’s life. How vows become nothing at all, how love didn’t conquer all and how it all ended in travesty.

You can buy the book from the amazon on the link below, don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon to show your support for this amazing and heartfelt diary:

Thank you for reading and watching our video:





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